Innovative Consulting and Marketing, Inc. was founded in 1995 to represent manufacturers in the consumer electronics space.  The company started with the desire to have Arizona and Southern Nevada treated as its own territory instead of it being part of the Southern California or Rocky Mountain territories.  Prior to this time, manufacturers reps serviced the territory by visiting from Los Angeles or Denver every 5 or 6 weeks or so.  Because we did such a good job, manufacturers began asking us to cover New Mexico and El Paso for them as well.  As the dealer base in the territory grew, so did their need to access the right products to support this growth.  Innovative was there for them and grew along with them. 


What started as a one man firm began to grow.  As home building accelerated, so did the need for quality products to sell to the homebuilders that were building the homes and homeowners moving into these homes.   A new business channel was being formed at the time and Innovative was a big part of it.  This new channel was called the custom installation channel.  The first products being sold into this space were speakers that went into ceilings and walls, in room volume controls and stereo receivers that provided them the sources and power required for the customer to listen to audio.  In addition, flat panel TV's were coming on the scene and required special installation and mounting.  The final new piece of equipment that was evolving was the universal remote control.  These remotes required special programming in order for the customer to have everything controlled by one remote. The channel continued to grow and grow and with it more manufacturers moved into the space.  Most manufacturers had experience in the retail channel and needed help understanding this new custom installation channel.  Innovative was there to teach them how to meet and serve their customers in this new and growing market. 


Fast forward to today and you will see a much more mature market for custom installation products and services that include whole home automation, lighting control, automated window coverings, specialized theater rooms and wireless networking and distributed audio.  Innovative Consulting and Marketing in still working with manufacturers to provide the best sales, training and support to their customers in the custom integration channel.  Innovative now has multiple employees in Phoenix and Las Vegas to handle and service issues that may arise anywhere in the territory.  Please feel free to contact us and we will provide your company the same great service that many others have received throughout the years.